Flood Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance in Alabama

It is very important for residents of Alabama to understand the difference between flood insurance and regular home insurance. After all, the state is sadly quite susceptible to the flash flooding associated with the severe weather that occurs often in the Deep South. There are critical distinctions, however, and at Robinson Insurance Group LLC, we believe they should be made clear.

Flood Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance 

Homeowners’ insurance is a policy that usually covers damages caused by fire and some natural disasters, though this usually does not include flooding. Theft is also typically covered under such a policy.

That means vulnerable Alabama citizens will need to add flood coverage if they want to remain protected. Flood insurance policies specifically address the financial devastation left in the aftermath of a flooding event. These can be caused by tropical storms and hurricanes, or even the heavy rains that affect the area each summer. These policies are usually provided through the National Flood Insurance Program, and they cover both structural and property damage. That means your home itself is covered, as well as its contents. Some policies even cover the cost of temporary housing if relocation is necessary due to flooding.

Interestingly, if you have water damage that resulted from a roof leak or a burst pipe, your homeowners’ insurance should cover the cost of remediation. It won’t, however, take care of any damage incurred due to storm surges, rising rivers, or any other natural water event. That is why it is crucial for Alabama homeowners in low-lying areas to consider flood insurance in addition to their regular home insurance.

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Just remember, that unlike homeowners’ insurance, which is often required by banks as a prerequisite for mortgage approval, flood insurance is only mandated by the local and federal government if your home is located in a designated flood zone.

That being said, it is a wise idea to get coverage before an unexpected weather event affects you and your family. Give us a call at Robinson Insurance Group LLC, or stop by today, to discuss your options with an experienced agent.