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Alabama Umbrella Insurance Coverage
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Umbrella Insurance in Alabama

When you have a vehicle and a home, both are covered by insurance. When you have both an auto policy and a home policy, it's easy to forget about them and trust that they have enough coverage in them in case of an accident. However, this isn't always the case. There isn't enough liability coverage inside those policies to take care of high medical bills after an accident. To get more coverage for these insurance policies, many people get umbrella insurance. Call us at Robinson Bryant Agency in Montgomery, AL to get started if you're in Alabama and want better liability coverage.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage pays for other people's medical bills and other expenses after an accident, and someone has been injured. Today's medical bills can be extremely high, even if the injuries aren't that bad. Imagine how much they would be if the injuries were severe. Umbrella insurance adds more liability coverage to both of those other insurance policies at the same time. It gives you much better protection in case of an expensive accident.

Paying After an Accident

Once an accident has happened that you are liable for, either your home or auto insurance will pay toward the medical bills that are due. However, once the policy has maxed out, it won't pay anymore, even if bills are still left to pay. This is a common scenario when people don't have enough liability coverage. If you have an umbrella policy, it will come in at this point to pay what is still left to pay. This would ensure that all the bills are taken care of for you.

Get Better Coverage

Getting umbrella insurance is inexpensive and powerful protection with a high maximum. To get a policy of your own in Alabama, call us at Robinson Bryant Agency in Montgomery, AL.

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