Preparing your home for an emergency

No matter where you live, emergencies happen, and it is vital that your family and your home be prepared. At Robinson Insurance Group LLC in Alabama, we make sure that your home is prepared for an emergency with the correct home insurance. As an independent insurance agency, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest service and making sure they have the insurance they need. 

Preparing your home for an emergency

Have an emergency getaway route

In the event that a storm, tornado, hurricane, or other disaster is bearing down on you, it is important to have a route mapped out before the emergency is imminent. You should have a first choice and then a second choice depending on which direction you need to go. 

Have important papers together

Put all your important papers, birth certificates, insurance policies, mortgage documents, passports, etc. together in a water and fire-proof container and have it where you can easily grab it quickly if you must make a speedy escape. You might want to put a few important photos into the container as well. 

Stock necessities

Make sure you have plenty of bottled water, batteries, light sources that don’t require electricity and a way to cook or warm things up that doesn’t require electricity.

Have a generator

A generator is a lifesaver if you lose power for an extended period. You can choose to have a portable generator, or you can have a whole-house generator. This allows you to maintain as normal a life as possible in the event your area is hit by a disaster. Make sure you have a fuel supply that can last more than a day or two. 

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