Three Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

When you drive in Alabama, you have to have auto insurance. It’s important never to be without this type of policy. If you’re driving in the state, you have to have valid insurance, and you have to be able to provide proof that you have it. If you don’t, you could face a lot of fines and fees.

Don’t take chances that you might get in trouble for not having it, and don’t be financially at risk. Keep auto insurance at all times. To get started, you can contact us at Robinson Insurance Group LLC in Alabama.

3 Auto Insurance Types

Bodily Injury Liability

There are several types of auto coverage that should be in your policy One of these is called bodily injury liability. If you’ve been in a wreck where another party was injured, you would be responsible for the medical bills afterward. When you have this type of coverage, it pays for those medical bills. It can also pay for other expenses like ongoing therapy needed for the injury. 

Property Damage Liability 

This type of liability coverage pays for the damage that was done to the other party’s property. This may be repairs that their vehicle needs, repairs to a home or other structure, etc. If you cause damage to property with your vehicle, the cost of repairs can be extremely expensive. With this type of liability coverage, you won’t have to sweat coming up with the money for the repairs by yourself. 

Collision Coverage

With this type of coverage, the damage that the accident did to your own vehicle is covered. If you were to cause an accident and your vehicle was badly damaged, it could be hard to come up with the repair bills alone. 

Get Auto Insurance 

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